Karadag Mountains

The Karadag Mountains, often known as the Skopje Karadag, extend from the Kacanik Gorge, namely the Lepenc River to the west and the Koncul Gorge to the Morava e Binca River in the south-east, about 50 km long, between Anamorava. to the north, the Presevo Valley to the south-east and the Skopje Plain to the south. The relief structure is quite fragmented. This is done by the river valleys as the lower parts and the peaks of the mountains as the highest parts of the relief. New sediments in the west, mesozoic in the middle and old paleozoic in the east indicate a variety in geological construction. The flow of the rivers that gave this part a broken structure has been influenced by the formation of the relief. Descending from the high areas, they have deepened their beds and carried eroded material with them. The most important rivers of this province are: Golemareka, Letnica, Karadak, Lashtica, Pasjani, Llapushnica etc. They all spill into the Morava of Binca.


Pashtrik , is a mountain located in Kosovo and Albania. Its highest peak is located on their mutual border, it is also called Paštrik and it is 1,986 m (6,516 ft) high. The White Drin river passes along by it. Two-thirds of the mountain belongs to Albania. It is located in north-eastern Albania. The village of Krumë is positioned next to it. One-third of the mountain is in Kosovo. It is located in south-western Kosovo. The village of Gjonaj is positioned next to the mountain. It was built from Paleozoic core, covered by Mesozoic limestone, mostly under the vegetation. Small mammals living in the mountain include the common vole, northern white-breasted hedgehog, balkan mole, and european mole. The blind mole occurs in the grasslands in old growth stands of beech forest.

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