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Destinations in Kosovo

Explore regions and cities in Kosovo and read more about each destination.

Northern Area
The northern part of Kosovo is occupied by the Kopaonik Mountains (over 2000m), which are characterized by abrasive, riverine and glacial activity. The region is the richest in Kosovo in terms of water, with most of it coming from two rivers, the Ibar and Sitnica.
Central Area
In the central part of Kosovo, there are mountain ranges of the Bjeshkët e Çirînica, Golesh, and Carraleva that are characterized by karst, river and glacial forms (over 1000 m). Central region
of Prishtina, is the cultural, educational, political, economic and communicative center of Kosovo.
Western Area

The western part of Kosovo (border with Albania) includes parts of the Albanian Alps as well as the Mokra Mountains (border with Montenegro). These areas are characterized by rocky materials, high mountains and deep gorges. This region is crossed by the White Drin River Basin.

Cities in this region: Klinë,Pejë,Gjakovë,Burim,Decan

Eastern Area
In the eastern part of Kosovo is the Morava Binca River Basin, including Skopje's Karadak Mountain Complex. The plain of Kosovo is a geographical unit of the Eastern Region of Kosovo.
Southern Area

In the southern part of Kosovo on the border with Macedonia are the Sharr Mountains (over 2500 m).


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