Novo Brdo

Novo Brdo, one of the Kosovo`s tourist destinations, is mainly attractive for its history and natural beauty. Novo Brdo is located about 40 km east of the capital of Kosovo, Pristina. Its history dates back to Neolithic period, or in other words before Christ, while the historical value that gives meaning to Novo Brdo, or in other words as a catalyst for visitors, is the fortress, a very special monument from which can be seen three municipalities as if in the palm of your hand. This fortress dates approximately from the 12th and 13th century according to the carbon analyses due the woods that it is believed to have been from the period 1230 - 1260 even earlier.

Apart from the Fortress, Novo Brdo is also distinguished by monuments of a special category, such as the mosque, St. Nicholas cathedral, St. John Church, the Saxon Church. Novo Brdo is one of the richest places in terms of cultural heritage in Kosovo. The height above sea level in Novo Brdo is from 900 to 1100m, in other words, the most suitable height for living and especially for people who have problems with cardiovascular diseases, as well as suitable for all ages. Novo Brdo also includes natural beauties, we emphasize that it is distinguished by the big hill that is known for its height above sea level up to 1260m, it is the peak in the eastern part that is very suitable for hiking in the field, as well as there are old mines. Definitely, Novo Brdo is the right place to escape for a quiet weekend near Pristina but far from the noise of the city.


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