Junik is one of the newest municipalities in Kosovo, which is located on the Dukagjini side, respectively in the western part of Kosovo. It is very rich in history, has stone towers, numerous traditions and there are about 12 different tribes living in it. In the town of Junik there are two villages: Gjocaj and Jasic that have great natural beauty. The village of Jasic has an altitude of 500m, but this village is also decorated by a part which is known as Gjeravica e Junik which has an altitude of over 2780m. Even the river Erenik which passes through this village gives a tourist point to this place, where it also contains restaurants with various traditional foods. As a characteristic food is "Junik Trout", but there are also other foods such as: "Flia", "Kollomoqe bread", different types of cheese that come from the Junik Mountains, different types of meat and many other foods. The neighboring cities of Junik are Gjakova and Deçan.


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