It has great natural and agricultural resources, including gold, silver, bronze, aluminum, copper and iron.
The good geographical position between the two rivers Ibar and Sitnica have influenced that in prehistoric times this territory is inhabited. With the development of mining, this territory is added an important component in the establishment of an important settlement center.

In today's territory of the Mitrovica region have been discovered some traces of buildings, an Illyrian necropolis, various clay and lead statues, a sarcophagus, the figure of Terpsikora (Dance Museum), etc. Economic life in Dardania, ie in the region of Mitrovica has been based primarily on agriculture. In the century. I of e.r. Illyria came under Roman rule. Mitrovica at this time may have been a resting place and as a place of metalworking. In Roman times, after Ulpiana, the second important center was Municipium DD near Soçana (Soçanica) inhabited even in prehistory.

At the end of the century. IX The territory of Mitrovica, together with the territory of Kosovo was under the rule of the Bulgarian state of Tsar Simeon (897-927), while after the fall of this kingdom it returned to the rule of the Byzantines.


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