Peja is known for its very old history and natural beauties, and that is why it stands out in Kosovo as a tourist destination.
Various records show the existence of this city in an organized way since Illyrian times. Peja is also mentioned as one of the main cities and a link road for many trade caravans that have come from different European countries. The visit to the city of Peja is a pilgrimage through different times starting from Illyrian, Byzantine, Ottoman times, world wars all the way to the present.  Also, the trail continues with visits to religious sites such as mosques, Catholic and Orthodox churches, tekkes, Haxhi Bey's hammam, Haxhi Zeka's Mill, Peja towers built of stone, old civic houses, learning about the dressing culture and old traditions of residents, handicrafts, etc.
In addition to cultural monuments, Peja is known in Kosovo for its great natural assets, surrounding it in the north-western part and located only 1 km away from the city centre. The greatest asset is the mountainous region of Rugova, which is part of the mountain range system and gateway to the Accursed Mountains national park. Among the attractions to be singled out are: the natural monument "Rugova Gorge", the river Lumbardhi and Drini i Bardhë with the 30 m long waterfall, two lakes at an altitude of 1860 m, ​​caves, water sources, a variety of flora and fauna, mountain peaks such as Guri Kuq 2522 m, Hajla 2403 m, Çfërla 2461 m etc., which are visited and experienced by numerous visitors in every season of the year.
Today Peja has a consolidated offer which consists of the cultural one where you can visit the cultural trail inside the city experiencing the culture and traditions of this city to carry on to restaurants with traditional settings and traditional food and the liveliness of nightlife full of music and concerts. While in terms of the natural offer, in addition to offering the beauty of nature, there you can develop recreational activities such as mountain hiking, via ferrata, zip line, speleology, rock climbing, adventure park, skiing, snowshoe hiking, Nordic skiing, which can be organized at local, regional and cross-border level. For more click on the following link:
Geographical position and access to the destination of Peja
The city of Peja lies in the west of Kosovo, between 42 and 40 degrees north latitude and 20 and 18 degrees north longitude. The altitude in the city is 520 to 530 m, while the highest peak is that of the Guri i Kuq with 2522 m.
Peja is accessible from Macedonia through the Hani i Elezit border crossing point, following the motorway to Prishtina and then Peja.
From Albania is accessible through the Vërmice border crossing point, following the motorway Prizren – Prishtina and then Peja, and through the Qafë Morina border crossing point, following the main road Gjakova - Peja. 
Access from Montenegro is through the Kulla border crossing point which is located only 30 km away from Peja.
The use of air transport to reach Peja is through Prishtina International Airport, which is the closest to Peja and is only 70 km away. At the airport you can find a taxi or bus to get to Peja.
Using the rail from Prishtina is another way to access Peja. It is worth noted that this line is also connected to Macedonia and to other European countries.


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