Vushtrri is an ancient place, dating earlier than the Roman Empire, respectively from the time of the Dardanians. In the time of the Roman Empire there was a station called Vitianum, as evidenced by the inscription found in the district of Kumanovo, which is considered a sign of the direction of the road to Viciana.

​​​​​​​At the end of the 1st century BC, Viciana was conquered by the Roman Empire. During the period of Roman occupation (I-V), Viciana had achieved considerable economic and cultural development.

Some of the cultural heritage monuments in Vushtrri, which carry architectural values and which constitute the treasure of cultural heritage of Vushtrri but also of Kosovo, are: City Castle, City Hammam, Fountain, Stone Bridge, Bazaar Mosque, Gazi Ali Mosque Beg, Karamanli Mosque, Tekke, various cemeteries, many other residential buildings, as well as complexes of old buildings and shops.


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