The city has a population of about 170,000, mostly Albanians. The municipality is estimated to have about 221,000 inhabitants, including the town itself and the 76 villages that make it up. Located near the Sharr Mountains in southern Kosovo, the region borders Albania and Macedonia. The city of Prizren lies in the southern part of the Dukagjini Plain, on the road that first connected the northern coast of Albanian lands and its civic-commercial centers with the interior regions of Kosovo and the Balkans.

Archaeological records suggest that this territory was inhabited since antiquity, when it was known as Theranda in Geography in the century. II para. K., and in this area lived a Dardanian population. In the century. V pas. K. mentions the name Petrzên from Procupius of Caesarea in De aedificiis (Book IV, Chapter 4). It is sometimes quoted in connection with Justiniana Prima. During the 11th century it was an important civic center, in 1019 Prizren was the seat of the bishopric of the Byzantine Empire. During the XII-XIV century, members of the Slavic population settled in these areas. During the reign of kings Dushan and Urosh, Prizren was from time to time the seat of their kingdoms.


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