The land where I started to build the city was owned by Jak Vula. According to the narrator, Hoxha Hadum Aga persuaded Jaku to donate the land for the construction of the mosque and then the city, which was originally called Jakovë (from Turkish: Jaku field), began to be built on that land. In the nineteenth century the current name began to be used. Foreigners use the Slavonic toponym Djakovica or Dakovica.

The city contains a number of monuments from the rich cultural past. The historic neighborhood of the city is Hadum Mahalla where the old market and the oldest building that still exists in the city are located, Hadum Mosque The old market or as it is known Qarshia e Madhe was the heart of economic functioning for Gjakova, a city of trade and handicrafts served by the surrounding villages of Gjakova municipality, Junik area, and Gjakova Highlands on the Kosovo-Albania border. The city and its surroundings played an important role during the national movement of the League of Prizren. High Gate General Maxhar Pasha was killed in a bloody battle with League forces near the tower of Abdullah Pasha Dren.


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