Germia Park

It lies northeast of the capital of Kosovo (Pristina) and covers an area of 62 km2. The borders of Gërmia start from the hill of vineyards in the west, then in the east of Prishtina through the hill of Mirdita to the ore of Hajvalia and up to the course of the river Gracanica, the southern border goes through the course of this river to the river of Busia in the. To the east, the border extends through the Busi River to the village of Mramor e Butos and then to the Prishtina River which is the northern border of this mountain massif.

The relief of Germise consists of hills of different heights and slopes separated from each other by spaces of ravine valleys and rivers. Here, the valley of the river Vellusha stands out, which originates in the western part of the hill of Butos, which also represents the most characteristic relief with an altitude of 1000 m and a length of about 8 km.


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