Radavc Cave

The cave is located near the village of Radac, near the source of the White Drin, about 11 kilometers from the town of Peja, to the left of Peja-Rozaje Road. The cave entrance is oriented north-east with dimensions of 2.80 m high and 2.20 m wide with a narrow tunnel-shaped corridor of 2.50 m long. The cave is illuminated by a natural window located at the top of it. The entrance of the cave is located at an altitude of 578 m. Radac cave is also distinguished in the "architectural" aspect because it is presented as a residential object created by nature. The first announcement of this cave was made by the researcher J. Petrovic. Archaeologist M. Garashanin considers this cave as a safe place for the Paleolithic era. The cave is of particular importance, as there are indications of the Paleolithic period, so there should be a special treatment because traces of the stone age, namely the Paleolithic, have not yet been confirmed in our country.


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