Area:                 345 km2

Population:      115,881 banorë

Postal Code:    42000

Vushtrri is an ancient but also modern city, located in the northern part of the Republic of Kosovo, dating back to the Middle Ages, even before the Roman Empire, namely since the Dardanian era.

The town of Vushtrri is crossed by the Sitnica River, as the largest river that crosses the territory of the Commune, while two smaller rivers: Trstena and Studimje pass through the town of Vushtrri. The official languages ??are Albanian and Serbian, and in 2008 the municipality of Vushtrri decided to use the Turkish language for official use.

Post-war constructions make Vushtrri / Vuritrn a very attractive city whether to visit or invest in this city that for many centuries has been Kosovo's largest city but also one of the largest cities in the Balkans and fortunately after the war again this ancient city of extraordinary value has regained its former splendor. That Vushtrri is a cultural city is also verified by several monuments in this city such as: Stone Bridge, City Hammam, Vushtrri Castle, City Chateau, Centuries-old Mosques, Old Houses, Cobblestone Streets, Muslim Cemeteries , etc.

The region has natural potentials for tourism: on the west side lies the Qyqavica Mountains, and on the east side are the Shala Mountains. Surface and subsurface natural resources exist, from which quarries and coal are currently exploited. However, magnesium and thermal sources are not used yet.
Traditionally, the most developed sectors are: (extensive) agriculture, handicrafts, textile and processing industries.

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