Area:      430 km2

Population:     35,935

Postal Code:    22000

Dragash  lies in the southernmost point of the country, in the north it borders Prizren, in the east and southeast with FYROM and in the west and southwest with the Republic of Albania. Dragash municipality is unique in the context of Kosovo in the sense that almost the entire area is mountainous. Dragash is the only Kosovo municipality that is fully located within the mountains with over 1,000 meters of altitude.

Its territory lies in the northern latitude 410 52 '30' 'and the eastern longitude 20o 35' 39 '' and 200 48 '26' '. With its natural features, it represents a differentiated geographical whole of Kosovo.
The area ??of the municipality of Dragash is 435 km², which is 4% of the entire territory of Kosovo, however the municipality has 17% of the Kosovo pasture area which is the impact of altitude, but is also a sign of non-development of agriculture.
The territory of the municipality consists of 63.1% pastures, 20.7% forests, 7% meadows, 9% agriculture and 1.2% urban areas and bare land. Half of the settlements in the villages have over 80% of the agricultural land. The region is rich in water sources with two main rivers - Plava and Restelica, with a number of tributaries and three lakes. The villages of Gora, located in the hills, are more compact than the villages of Opoja which are located in the plains with scattered houses.

Space of 24, 206. 52 ha of Kosovo Parliament has been declared part of the Park

The National Park is important to the municipality of Dragash, not only attracting tourists to the area, but also helping and supporting the local community to reduce biodiversity depletion, deforestation and land degradation.
By protecting the environment, rich flora and fauna, utilizing rivers for eco-energy production by building small mini-hydropower plants of the "Dikanca" type that are once again tourist attractions, traditional foods that you rarely come across, with livestock products that cannot be found elsewhere such as the famous Cheese of Sharr, then very high quality honey and clear of the flowers and pine trees that abound in this municipality, the natural beauty will be very attractive to eco visitors. - tourism in the mountains of "Sharri", "Korbait" and "Koretnik".

Bearing in mind that these mountains with favorable climatic conditions and special terrain offer ideal conditions for some types of tourism development, such as: winter tourism with numerous trails suitable for skiing and other snow sports, sports - recreational tourism, tourism ecological, hiking tourism with hiking trails, family and collective excursions, mountaineering are prerequisites for sustainable economic development.
The municipality of Dragash dy with its two ethnographic areas of Opoja / Gora has suitable conditions for tourism development. The main factors are the beautiful landscapes of “Sharri” mountain, the healthy climate, the fresh air, the large number of cold springs and springs as well as the attractive rivers and valleys, forests, flora and fauna, lakes, etc.
Therefore, the tourism sector is one of the main sectors of economic development of this municipality. In the field of tourism, the municipality of Dragash / Dragaash has many opportunities especially in the development of green mountain tourism and cultural and historical heritage. The development of tourism is influenced by: favorable geographical and climate position of this municipality. The mountainous area of ??the Dragash / Dragaash municipality, especially the Sharr / ritar Mountains, has large, virgin areas that can serve as areas for countless outdoor adventures, family excursions, hiking, mountaineering and enjoying the traditional nature of Kosovo.

The wildlife, hydrography and nature of Dragash municipality are generally the main source for the development of research activities of students, students and scientists from different parts of the world.
Submarine and mountain climate, sun and temperatures are very conducive to the development of these activities. Protected natural environment, historical and cultural heritage have preserved a traditional architecture highly appreciated by domestic and foreign tourists.

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