Area:      627 km2

Population:      177,781 banorë

Postal code:    20000

Prizren Municipality has an area of 627 km2 (5.94% of the territory of Kosovo), located in southwest Kosovo with 76 settlements with 177781 inhabitants, with an urban population of 94.517 inhabitants and a rural population of 83.264 inhabitants.

Prizren is often referred to as: Prizren Side, Prizren Basin or Dukagjini Plain. It borders with the municipalities of Gjakova, Rahovec, Suhareka, ërtrpce and Dragash, as well as Albania and Macedonia.

The Plane of Prizren is located at an altitude of 400 meters where some of the Sharr peaks exceed 2000 m. The climate of the city is extremely different.

In the lowlands due to the influence of the Mediterranean climate and the very hot summers, the crops are among the first in Southeast Europe, with the early advantages for crops: Grape vine, fruits and vegetables.

In the mountainous areas, the climate of the Alps is dominant, which is why snow levels remain in the pits until June, when in the summer the peaks of the mountains can be whitened. The city of Prizren lies in the southern part of the Dukagjini Plain, on the road that formerly connected the northern coast of Albanian lands and its civic-trade centers with the inland regions of Kosovo and the Balkans.
Based on the amount of water it is one of the richest countries. This position creates all the prerequisites for the development of agricultural crops, livestock, food industry and tourism, following the model of Austria, Slovenia, Switzerland.
The shortest route crosses the central part of the Balkan Peninsula with the Adriatic Sea through the Prizren side. This path, which for political reasons from the past today does not matter so much. It is a good opportunity to valorize all its advantages, given that it has had a primary impact on Prizren development in the past.

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