Area:                276 km2

Population:     76,577 

Postal code:    21000

Rahovec / Orahovac is a city and municipality in the south-western part of Kosovo. In the north it borders with Klina, in the east with Suhareka, in the southern part is the municipality of Prizren, while in the entire western part it is bordered with the municipality of Gjakova. It has approximately 276 km2 and is inhabited by 76,577 inhabitants. While in the city alone there are 29,854 inhabitants according to 2016 statistics.
The territory of the municipality of Rahovec / Orahovac is included in the Prizren region and has a good geographical position. It lies in the central part of the Balkan Peninsula and belongs to southeastern Europe.

This territory comprises the central and southern part of the Dukagjini Plain and is divided into three whole or micro regions, namely: plain-valley, hilly and mountainous. The territory of the municipality lies in the northern hemisphere of Ecuador with degrees 420 and 30 'and 420 and 50' of northern latitude and between 200 and 21 'and 200 and 55' of eastern longitude. The settlements in the municipality of Rahovec / Orahovac are concentrated at altitudes of 310 m. (Velika Krusha new part of settlement east part of Drini i Bardhë river bank) up to 920 m. altitude that Zatriat settlement is concentrated.

In terms of altitude these settlements are divided into valley-flat, hilly and mountainous areas.
Agricultural areas, as important economic areas, represent an important natural base for the Municipality of Rahovec / Orahovac. Favorable climatic conditions, especially the high number of sunny days during the summer season as well as irrigation by pipelines for lavender crops (peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, watermelon, onions, etc.) as well as the cultivation of grape vines and trees. Agricultural land covers an area of ??13,998 ha and the areas are planted with the following crops: wheat, barley, oats, corn, etc.

Rahovec vineyards
The most fertile areas are the plain of Anadrinis starting from Mrasori in Velika Krusha and most of these lands are vegetable cultivated, while in other parts grape vine (vineyards) and various trees such as: apple pear, plums, peaches, nuts, apricots etc.

Given the appropriate climate as well as the types of soils in this territory, the grape vine is best cultivated. Areas planted with vineyards are in the private sector 2,500 ha and in the public sector 993 ha, and now 640 ha, where areas of 353 ha have been reduced due to age and war. The vineyards of the municipality of Rahovec / Orahovac as well as grape products are known not only in Kosovo but also wider. Their products have been exported to western countries, but now they are not exported and are the main problem of farmers who benefit from this activity.

The meadows cover an area of ??646 ha, and pastures 4,391 ha. These surfaces have an impact on the development and maintenance of ecosystem equilibrium. Total area covered with forests is 1,617 ha. Forests are low and during the war and after the war are cleared by unconscious individuals by clearing large areas of forests. Forest areas consist of oak, oak, but there are also hornbeam and black frash. There are large areas of bare land and in the future attention should be paid to afforestation of the bare areas of the municipality.

These measures will strengthen the functioning of forests in the process of environmental protection, in the stability for the formation of climatic conditions that will allow for recruitment. The function of forests is very important for maintaining the biological-ecological balance of this territory.

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