Area:       338 km2

Population:      64,400 residents

Postal code:    14000

Lipjan is known as a settlement since Illyrian and later Roman times as part of the city of Ulpiana which is 10km northeast. Lipjan in the Roman period was largely a small settlement on the way to Lissum. Lipjan's identification with the name Ulpiana was later confirmed by the excavations of ancient antiquity and the Byzantine period.
From the ancient antiquity the name Lypenion, Lypiana undoubtedly come to the present name Lipjan. The foundations of the Byzantine basilica have been discovered under the foundations of the old church in this part, while some of the monuments-epigraphs from Lipjan are known, from which evidence of the existence of Ulpiana is confirmed.
With the development of the mining industry in the Janjevo settlement, Prishtina became known as well, so Lipjan lost its former importance and functioned as a simple local "square".
Janjeva was first mentioned in 1303, with the development of the mining industry in the 20th century. XIV and XV, was established in an important center near Pristina and Novobërdë (Artana). Among other things, the city had contacts with today's Republic of Ragusa (Dubrovnik) in Croatia. One of the first schools in Kosovo was opened in Janjevo in 1665 and is still used today.???????

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