Area:       105 km2

Population:      27, 600 banorë

Postal code:    15000

Obiliq or Kastrioti is a city and municipality located in the Prishtinë / Pri Rajtina Region of Kosovo. According to the 2011 census, the town of Obiliq / Obiliq has 6,864 inhabitants, while the municipality has 21,549 inhabitants. The municipality includes the town of Obiliq and 19 villages. There are three coal mines operating on the territory of Obiliq. These mines are of tremendous value to Kosovo's economy and energy sector, as more than 97% of Kosovo's annual electricity production comes from coal, with coal as the main source for power plants. There are two power plants operating in the territory of Obiliq / Obiliq that produce cogeneration: Central A Kosova Kosova A and Kosovo B Power Station.

The municipality of Kastriot is rich in natural resources of coal and lignite. The reserves are estimated to be about 12 meters deep and with an area of ??about 32 kilometers between the Sitnica and Drenica rivers. Other activities that the Castro's deal with are agriculture, which is hampered by the pollution of power plants.

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