Area:                  392 km2

Population:       139,711 banorë

Postal Code:     60000

Gjilan is one of the seven largest cities in Kosovo. It is located in the area of ??Gjilan / Gnjilane, south-east of Kosovo in Anamorava. While the Gjilan / Gnjilane region covers an area of ??525 km 2 and consists of 63 villages, it has good geographical position, relief and climate factors that create opportunities for the development of a rich flora and fauna. The Gjilan / Gnjilane region is rich in biodiversity, ranging from herbs, grasses, medicinal herbs, aromatic herbs, crops (wheat, corn, oats, potatoes, etc.) to bushes, pine forests and various trees. The Gjilan / Gnjilane region is also rich in rivers and two artificial dams, that of Livoq and Prilepnica, where it is estimated to be inhabited by several populations (fish, etc.), as well as recent living creatures of the rivers we call benthic living communities.

The region of Anamorava is rich in waters, especially flowing waters, artificial lakes, thermo-mineral waters, various springs, springs and so on. The territory of Anamorava is characterized by a large number of flowing, above ground waters. It is also known for watercourses in areas outside the municipality and Anamorava, the river Morava e Binça, which flows into the village of Binça. In its basin it collects a multitude of rivers of varying sizes and amounts of water. All rivers, small and large, and streams of the territory of Gjilan / Gnjilane municipality flow in the direction of Morava e Binçës.
Dramatic life in Gjilan / Gnjilane has begun with visits to Perica Aleksic's (Petre Prlicko) theatrical theater before 1940, with the first Albanian performance being Kristo Floqi's "Brothers of Interest", performed on Sunday, March 26th. of 1943, by Albanian teachers of the mixed school "Bogdani" in Gjilan.

The first mixed sports club you mentioned was the football club "Bashkimi", while the first cultural and artistic society was named "Drita".

Gjilan has several Cultural and Artistic Societies, such as the Bajram Curri Fountain Dance Company and the Gurra Native Music Society. It has the theater, which since 20 January 2004 has the status of Professional Theater, Regional Library “Fan S. Noli, Regional Historical Archive, Regional Center for Cultural Heritage etc. Gjilan has been organizing the “Flame of January…” event since 1992 with four main pillars: music, art, literature and dramatic art.

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