Area:       600.099 km2

Population:      135,438

Postal code:    50000

Gjakova is a town and municipality located in the Gjakova suburb of western Kosovo. Gjakova is the center of culture and education in Kosovo. It was created as a trading city, with the largest bazaar in the Balkans, called the Grand Bazaar (Grand Bazaar). The spirit of commerce and some of the trades practiced still remain in the city.
The old town of Gjakova was one of the most developed trade centers during the Ottoman rule in the Balkans. The legacy of this period is the Grand Bazaar located in the center of the old town, with many preserved and restored shops, as well as residential buildings. The bazaar was built around the Hadum Mosque, built in 1594-95, as a donation by Hadum Sylejman Efendia (known as Hadum Aga). He has also donated funds to other public buildings in the city, including some of the first shops in the old market. Various crafts have been developed in this Bazaar, including metal, leather, wood and carpentry processors, textile manufacturing, knitting, saraq and so on. One of those crafts that still exists today, and is recognized as a potential brand in Gjakova, is cradle making. The importance of this craft demonstrates the artistic imagination of the craftsman in representing traditional beliefs related to the protection of newborn children. There are some old bridges leading to the Grand Bazaar. The most characteristic are the Tabaka Bridge (18th century), the Terzive Bridge (17th century), both on the Erenik River, and the Taliqi Bridge, built in 1816 on
the river Krena. The natural heritage of Gjakova / Djakovica municipality, such as the Shkukës Park, Radoniq Lake and the White Drin Gorge, is recognized by the local population as very attractive for visitors and for outdoor activities and sports tourism development.

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