Fushë Kosova

Area:                 83 km2

Population:      34,718 

Postal code:    12000

Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje is a town and municipality in the central part of Kosovo. The municipality belongs to the Prishtinë / Pri Regjtina Region. Today it is one of the most dynamic municipalities experiencing major urban changes.


Relatively good natural conditions in the past, good geographical position, natural resources and suitable climatic conditions for the development of hunting, livestock, agriculture and later other branches, as well as relief providing security, the locality of this settlement was inhabited since ancient times, in the 7th century BC (Great White), Neolithic (Harilachi) etc. by local Illyrian-Dardanians. Then inhabited also by ancient and medieval times such as Ular (Uglari), Kumanovo (near Vragolia), Little White, Harilaçi etc. This is evidenced by the numerous archaeological findings in the localities of this municipality.


The municipality of Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje is rich in natural resources that provide the objective basis for accelerated development of these areas. This municipality possesses land: 7670 ha of arable land, 591 ha of gardens, 97 ha of orchards, 522 ha of meadows and pastures, 3670 ha of forests. [7] Looking at the way space is used, it is found that most of the territory is agricultural land with over 60%, where the development of agriculture as a special sector in the municipality of Fushë Kosovë / Kosovo Polje has real prerequisites for a more successful development, since the soil is quite fertile. The role of agriculture in the development of the municipality is enormous, especially when its relationship to the production and processing capacity of the municipal industry is known. Pasture land, suitable pasture land as well as farmers' continued interest in livestock and poultry are important potentials for economic development in the village.

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