Area:               270 km2

Population:     76,400 

Postal code:    13000


Drenas is a municipality in the Pristina region, which administers 53 villages. The name of this town is very late in Slavic documents, certainly from the late colonization, after 1912 when the Serbian-Montenegrin forces occupied this valley of Drenica, which they named after the Murrizi wood. So in Albanian it would be right Murrizi.
The municipality was established before World War II as a separate social, political, and administrative unit. During the last eighty years, economic development has been extremely slow, as past centrally directed anti-populist powers pursued specific discriminatory policies, especially economic ones.


The territory of the municipality of Drenas (formerly Gllogoc) lies in the central part of Kosovo.
The total area of ??this municipality comprises 290 km2 or 2.66 percent of the territory of Kosovo.
These mountains lie on both sides of the Drenica River Valley. The land surfaces of the Drenica Valley pass through the “Iber” irrigation system.
The other specialty of this area is the Feronikeli mine and smelter, as well as some quarries. The river Drenica and Vrbica cross this municipality, whose water is used for irrigation of agricultural lands.
This municipality, in terms of land connectivity, connects to other parts of Kosovo by the Fushë Kosovë-Peja Railway and the Prishtinë-Bushat (Komoran) -Peja highway, and the Shala-Lipjan and Bushat-Drenas-Skenderaj inter-municipal roads.

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