Gazi Mehmet Pasha's Mosque

Gazi Mehmet Pasha's Mosque is one of the oldest monuments of Islamic art in Prizren. The inscription above the entrance states it was built in 1561. This mosque has a square base and numerous windows, while the main mihrab and the mimber are made of marble. 
Together with Albanian League Complex, Bath of Gazi Mehmet Pasha, and old urban houses, Mehmet Pasha Mosque gives you the sense of Ottoman architecture.

League of Prizren

The League of Prizren, officially the League for the Defense of the Rights of the Albanian Nation, was an Albanian political organization officially founded on June 10, 1878 in the old town of Prizren, in the Kosovo Vilayet of the Ottoman Empire, and suppressed in 1881.
The treaties of San Stefano and Berlin both assigned areas that were also inhabited by Albanians to other states. The inability of the Porte to protect the interests of a region that was 70 percent Muslim and largely loyal forced the Albanian leaders not only to organize their defense, but also to consider creation of an autonomous administration, like those Serbia and the other Danubian Principalities had enjoyed before their independence.

Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour

The  Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Prizren, Kosovo, seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Prizren-Pristina.

The Cathedral of Prizren was commissioned in 1870 by Dario Bucciarelli, Archbishop of Skopje. Its clocktower was built by Thomas Glasnovic, a Croatian monk and architect. The cathedral among its frescoes features in the north side of the church a fresco of Skanderbeg painted in 1883 by Gjergj Panariti an Albanian monk and painter from Korçë.

Prizren Fortress

Prizren Fortress, is a medieval fortress in Prizren, Kosovo. It was built on a hill above Prizrenska Bistrica, around which the modern city developed. The first fort, erected on this location by the Byzantines, was further expanded by Emperor Stefan Dusan (r. 1331–55). In the 14th century the fort served as the capital of the Serbian Empire which later came under the control of the Ottomans for four centuries. It was declared a Monument of Culture of Exceptional importance in 1948.

National Park in Dragash

The southernmost municipality of Kosovo, Dragash / Dragaashi, is an oasis of untouched natural beauty and traditional villages sandwiched between the borders of North Macedonia and Albania.

Traditional Hasi Costumes

Hasanian clothes are very popular for their uniqueness and for their great use in that area.

The transfer of the tower to the Hasani women was obligatory because most of the men were in the gurbet, and they were also men and women, and until the post-war period it is known that Hasi was a location without water, so it was called differently ,Dry Hasi.


Prevalla is a skiing center and touristic village which approximately is 30 km away from Prizren, and about twelve kilometers from Brezovica, the largest ski center in Kosovo Prevalla (Prevalac) is a popular destination for hikers or skiers. The village borders a large forest. During the summer, people go there to relax and rest, whereas during the winter people visit it for its seasonal recreational sports. It lies 1800m above sea level. Prevalla is located in the south of Kosovo in the Sharr Mountains, in the road leads from Prizren via Prevalla to Shtrpce.




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