Bajrakli Mosque

Bajraklive Mosque is a cultural heritage monument in Peja, Kosovo. This monument belongs to the category "Architectural", approved with number 1441/55. Bajrakli Mosque is a mosque which was built in 1471 by Sultan Fatih Mehmet Hani. In 1943, this mosque was burned by Italian forces, however it was not destroyed during the Kosovo war.

Bajrakli Xhamia was built in the core of the old Bazaar in Peja, where previously there was an open market, a characteristic of Albanian cities. The donor of this mosque is Mehmet Fatihu who also financed the Great Mosque in Prishtina. The mosque was built in the seventh decade of the XV century. It is a classic monumental object with a complete compositional scheme. In its scheme the mosque consists of the prayer hall, the porch and the minaret. The prayer hall is covered with domes and stands above the pandantic system. Also the porch is covered with three small cubes, proportional to each other. Inside the prayer hall, the mihrab, the mimber and the makfil stand out. The interior is distinguished by murals, which contain elements of the plant world, geometric figures and quotations from the Qur'an.


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