The Clock Tower

The Clock Tower is located in the core of the cultural-historical area of Prishtina. It is a building with cultural, historical and architectural values built in the XIX century. The Clock Tower is located in the central part of the old part of Prishtina near the King Mosque and is located in the courtyard of the gymnasium building. It is one of the most important monuments of utilitarian architecture in Prishtina.

On the surface of the bell was the Romanian inscription from 1764 of Duke Jan Moldovan which in translation means "This Bell was made for Duke Jan Moldovan in 1764", the letters are 2 cm long and extend around the entire surface of the bell. The bell is decorated with a large number of ornaments similar to beech leaves. Although it has come a long way and has often changed places and headquarters it was in good condition and had no major damage. The Clock Tower is a hexagonal base building.


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