Area:                247.36 km2

Population:      13,630

Postal code:    73000

Shterpce is a city and municipality located in the Ferizaj / Uroizevac Region in Kosovo.
Shterpce Municipality covers an area of ??247.36 square kilometers. It is located on the north-eastern side of the Sharr Mountains, also known as the Sirinki Valley, which is the upper surface of the Lepenac River Basin. The total population living in the territory of this municipality is about 13,812. Of these, 10,451 are Serbs and 3,341 are Albanians, while 20 are Roma. The population density is 50 people per square kilometer. The municipality is surrounded by high mountains, with the highest peak reaching 2500 m (Ljuboten peak). These mountains are new, with difficult ranges and ridges. It is recognized as a convenient location for tourism development.

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