The League of Prizren

The treaties of St. Stephen and Berlin had assigned territories inhabited by Albanians to other states after the Russo-Turkish War, the Albanians prepared for national resistance. Unable to avoid the Ottoman Empire treaties, Sultan Abdyl-Hamidi II summoned to Istanbul Sheh Mustafa Tetova and Abdyl bey Dume-Frashëri in support; and wrote letters to the kadi of Gjakova Ahmet efendi Koronica, the myderriz of Prizren Ymer Efendi and the mufti of Dibra Jonuz Efendi, while ordering the military commanders in the Albanian vilayets not to hinder the development of the League.

The initial positions of the League, at the head of whose central committee was Iljaz pasha Dibra, were set out in the Kararname. In this document the Albanian leaders emphasized their intention to preserve and maintain the integrity of the territories of the Ottoman Empire in the Balkans in support of the Gate. Yet the League's attitudes and project delineated differently reflecting internal currents.


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